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$500 TikTok Challenge Rules:

Clean music

Clean words

Use Event details:

          Student Night @ MNHHS Stadium, 6:00 Free Pizza,

          Chance to win a CAR! 

MUST use the hashtag #GTSTUDENTNIGHT


The student with the most views by 5:00pm, Wed. Sept. 14

will win $500!!

The Winner will be announced during the Student Night event!

Rules for the Car Give Away: 


Every Middle School and High School student who enters the gate will be given a ticket for a chance to win.


A student may receive additional tickets for each person they bring with them. (young or old, a person they bring counts for an additional ticket but only students will be given tickets)  


Adults are not issued tickets.  


Must be a Middle School or High School student in Western KY in a public, private or certified home school program.

Additional Resources:

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