Upcoming Events

Leading up to the week of the crusade there are several events for training, organizing, and other preparation activities. Listed below are the upcoming events with their dates and locations.   

August 2022

Counselor Training
August 6th, 2022

This training is for individuals who will serve as decision counselors during the crusade.

Each One Reach One Sunday
August 7th, 2022

 On this Sunday we hope every church will make  is a major emphasis from the pulpit in your home church (a sermon or devotional on Romans 9:1-3; or Mark 5:19; or Luke 14:16-24; or John 1:35-49). Bookmarks are provided for each member.

Crusade Challenge Sunday
August 21st, 2022

We hope every sponsoring church will choose to take up an offering to support the crusade financially.